Technical reference manual

Objective Description
Create and publish an EDU‑DEX feed This section describes how to create a program and directory xml that meet minimal requirements. Templates are available to provide an easy to use starting point, and it covers ways to validate the resulting xml. Finally, it discusses configuring a web server and registering your feed with EDU-DEX.
Choose a way to convey client specific information Discusses the four ways to provide discount information, or client specific versions of a program; several scenarios help you in making an approprate choice.
Convey discount information Shows how to convey discount information using EDU-DEX services to apply discounts.
Convey client specific program definitions Shows how to convey discounted, incompany, or customised (versions of) programs targeting a specific client.
Configure your server Describes the very limited requirements your web server has to meet, and shows how to test them.
Convey text and HTML Describes the preferred way to pass text and HTML, avoiding unexpected results.