Technical reference manual


Minimal code targeting LeerRijk

LeerRijk ads some extra constraints. The code shown below (which satisfies the LeerRijk v2 requirements, by the way) may give the impression that it contains much more than the few additional elements shown in the table devoted to them. This originates from the fact that an element required by LeerRijk must be present, even if its containing element is optional. Thus, e.g., because competenceRijksoverheid is required, its parent programCompetences must be available as well.

Attention: in order to keep displayed code readable, even on small screens, some lengthy attributes have been replaced with an ellipsis (...); the full code is avaiable using the Download Code button.

Download code

Not all specifics can be enforced by the XSD available for download at the EDU-DEX downloads page. Therefore, we strongly advise you to check your xml using the online EDU-DEX validator.

One notorious pitfall, however, remains the programName: although its maximum length is set to 200 characters, LeerRijk will only use the first 85. Another one is related to convey time data. Although the xml time datatype allows for incorporating time zone information, LeerRijk only accepts the hh:mm:ss part - time zone suffixes (Z, +HH:MM) will be disregarded.

For an overview of all LeerRijk specific issues, please refer to this page.