Technical reference manual

The absolute minimum

Of course, it is possible to derive the minimal layout of a program from the information available, for example, from the maps pages or (though this is not for the faint of heart) from details pages.

However, it takes a bit of interpretation to infer what is absolutely necessary: an Element or Attribute marked as required is only absolutely required when its parent is required as well. Additionally, in a few rare cases the EDU-DEX validator is slightly stricter than the XSD. I created two code samples: one for the regular XSD, and another one specifically aimed at LeerRijk.

This is the minimal XML that will pass regular validation:

Attention: in order to keep displayed code readable, even on small screens, some lengthy attributes have been replaced with an ellipsis (...); the full code is avaiable using the Download Code button.

Download code

Consumers of EDU-DEX feeds should always use this information as a starting point; further processing can then drill down to more details.