Technical reference manual


The files you can download here, contain all information currently available. Each time changes occur in the underlying information, we will update the affected files accordingly. Please remember that in xml, enumeration values are case sensitive!

All downloads are available in several formats: PDF, CSV, ODS (OpenOffice Spreadsheet) and XLSX (Excel).

Target Enum
clientdiscount costType .xlsx .ods .csv .pdf
clientdiscount type .xlsx .ods .csv .pdf
institute accreditation .xlsx .ods .csv .pdf
institute addressType .xlsx .ods .csv .pdf
institute mediaType .xlsx .ods .csv .pdf
program certificate .xlsx .ods .csv .pdf
program clientOffer .xlsx .ods .csv .pdf
program competenceRijksoverheid .xlsx .ods .csv .pdf
program contactHoursPartOfDay .xlsx .ods .csv .pdf
program costType .xlsx .ods .csv .pdf
program dayOfTheWeek .xlsx .ods .csv .pdf
program degree .xlsx .ods .csv .pdf
program eCompetence .xlsx .ods .csv .pdf