Technical reference manual

Full path: instituteData

Element or Attribute: Element

Number of occurrences: 1...1

Data type: -



This root element will usually contain attributes that define namespaces or offer support for validation. The following example is displayed in 5 lines for clarity; in practice, however, the code will usually be written in one line.

  • <instituteData
    • xmlns=""
    • xmlns:xs=""
    • xs:schemaLocation=""
  • >
  • Line 2 defines as the default namespace (xmlns) of this document. Alternatively, you can choose to define an explicit namespace alias, e.g. xmlns:ns1, but then you will have to repeat this alias in every EDU-DEX element or attribute name.
  • Line 3 defines, a value standardised by the W3C consortium, as a namespace with xs (or any value to your liking) as alias.
  • Line 4 uses this alias to refer to the standard schemaLocation attribute. The value of this attribute contains 2 parts:
    • Part 1: the namespace defined in line 2;
    • Part 2: the location where a validator can find the xsd describing the structure of this namespace.
  • Please remember that all attributes and their values described here are case sensitive!
The authoritative discussion of xml namespaces can be found at the W3C.