Technical reference manual

Full path: program » programSchedule » programRun » location

Element or Attribute: Element

Number of occurrences: 0...1

Data type: -



location elements enable the description of available course locations in various levels of detail. Like cost, they are available at the following levels:

  • programSchedule > genericProgramRun
  • programSchedule > genericProgramRun > courseDay
  • programSchedule > genericProgramRun > genericModule
  • programSchedule > genericProgramRun > genericModule > courseDay
  • programSchedule > programRun
  • programSchedule > programRun > courseDay
  • programSchedule > programRun > module
  • programSchedule > programRun > module > courseDay

This approach is extremely flexible but also adds an extra responsibility to the implementor's tasks. When importing this information into a system that offers comparable differentiation, always consider the most specific option (the last entry in the list above) first; if the information is available and the system supports it, use it; if not, revert to the next higher level; continue to the topmost level.

On the other hand, when exporting data, keep in mind that not all targeted client system support all available levels of differentiation: always provide alternatives at higher levels, at least in the genericProgramRun.

This element is optional in EDU-DEX, but required in LeerRijk offerings. An overview of all issues related to LeerRijk is available on a dedicated page.