Technical reference manual

Full path: edudexDirectory » programResource » clientId

Element or Attribute: Element

Number of occurrences: 0...1

Data type: xs:string



Providing a value for this element enables you to convey a version of the program tailored to suit the needs of a specific target organisation, identified by its clientId, which is a orgUnitId assigned by EDU-DEX.

A comprehensive list of clientId and orgUnitId values is available as csv download here. If the targeted organisation isn't listed, please contact us using this link. A word of caution: the value of this Element or Attribute is case sensitive!

Only the targeted organisation will receive the current programResource, apart, of course, from the publicly available version (described in a programResource not offering a clientId value).

Using a clientId implies that your are targeting a specific organisation, which, in turn, implies that this possibility can only be used in a closed feed.