Technical reference manual

Full path: edudexDirectory » clientDiscountResource

Element or Attribute: Element

Number of occurrences: 0...n

Data type: -



Adding a clientDiscountResource to a directory enables a learning provider to define discounts. These discounts, described in ClientDiscount documents, will be applied by EDU-DEX to the provider's public feed. Using a clientDiscountResource has a few implications:

  • The availability of a clientId implies that this section is only available in a closed feed.
  • The targeted client primarily receives the content of the provider's public feed;
  • To these items, EDU-DEX applies the discounts, defined in a DiscountResource pointed to by this clientDiscountResource's resourceUrl;
  • If a programResource, targeting the current clientId, follows this section and contains a programId also mentioned in the preceding clientDiscountResource, the pricing information in the programResource will take precedence over the clientDiscountResource: it will overwrite the latter.