Technical reference manual

Welcome to this online manual, describing in detail every Element and Attribute available in the latest version of the program, directory, clientDiscount and institute XSDs. It does so by providing purely technical information, like data type, restrictions and multiplicity (the valid number of occurrences), but also paying attention to the semantics of each item.

There are two ways to find your way in the EDU-DEX standard's hierarchy, each presenting the elements (note the lowercase "e") of the four XSDs: there is a menu item called "Navigate", which enables you to discover the structure by collapsing and expanding the available levels; the "Map" on the other hand, gives you a complete overview of what is available in each XSD. Both, of course, contain links to each item's details.

Currently, this manual is a 'work in progress' - we anticipate it to be completed by 1 October 2018. In the meantime, you are most welcome to use all available content, and to provide any feedback you may have through the Feedback buttons you will find on (nearly) every page.

We are looking forward to receiving your questions, comments and suggestions!

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